Adeptal's team has vast experience at all facets of power generation (nuclear, fossil, renewables), oil and gas, mining and rail. Our Team have worked with global and domestic clients worldwide to improve generation, production capabilities and asset management; increase safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Our experience covers all facets of business operations including design engineering, work management, health and safety, contract management, supply chain management, procurement, finance, HR, personnel qualification management and a myriad of other support functions. We integrate often disparate opaque processes into a streamlined workflow that improves transparency, reduces costs and increases productivity while providing rich management information and regulatory compliance. We critically assess your organisation's strategy against developing industry and business trends to ensure you are well poised to adapt to the future. 

Defence and Military

In the theatre of operations, it is vital that the right supplies get to the right units on time, in good condition and in the most cost-effective manner. Given the cost and vital nature of military inventories, stock traceability, allocations, loss minimisation, and equipment servicability is paramount to the success of any operation. Adeptal's team have vast experience working with defence organisations to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of the supply chain (from demand planning through to procurement, logistics, maintenance and deployment) and developing world-class equipment maintenance models that ensure maximum up time under pressured situations. We have worked with the main software providers to develop and deploy cutting edge distributed and secure solutions to allow for global operations to be performed with utmost efficiency for naval, ground and air forces. The unique operating environment demands a pragmatic approach that is sometimes at odds with accepted industry best practice. Adeptal adopts the necessary approach to ensure operations are fully supported efficiently, quickly and securely.

Other Industries

While our core skillset is in Utilities and Defence, our team has extensive experience in other sectors inclluding financial services (Credit, Operational and Market Risk), Retail/Wholesale (Procurement, Inventory Management, Logistics, Point of Sale) and Pharmacueticals (Procurement and Inventory Management). In addition our team has successfully deployed accounting/finance, pensions and insurance systems for large corporations and government agencies worldwide.