Capability and Capacity Management

Capacity ModelThe current business climate requires innovative approaches to allow your organisation to be adept to change; improving competition and allowing you to grow. The accepted practice of replacing existing or adding new systems and people has led to the accumulation of resource and technical debt that is no longer sustainable. Adeptal's unique Capacity and Capabilty Management Model seeks to tap into your organisation's existing resources and systems in innovative ways, adapting them to new requirements and functions not previously imagined to allow you to gain the competitive edge with as small as investment as possible. The result: Your business evolves with the changing environment quicker, leaner and more effectively while you stay ahead of the game. 

Business Transformation

Business Transformation m]An organisation is in a permanent state of flux and is required to evolve with the rapidly changing economic, technological and cultural climate to survive. While many origanisatons focus on changing and improving their business processes, we look forward to your organisation's industry future and map out a strategy not only to survive, but ensure healthy growth. Our proven methodology and experience optimally aligns your people, processes and systems to your corporate strategy and rapidly deploys necessary business change. Inherent in our execution is a rapid feedback loop that facilitates identification of weaknesses and refinement of both corporate strategy and business/technical structure to support continual business evolution.

Solutions Selection

After making every effort to optimally utilise existing assets and resources, it is sometimes necessary to implement new solutions. Once the decision has been made to utilise off the shelf software, the real difficulty begins. Identifying and selecting the appropriate software and implementation solution with the most cost effective total cost of ownership is more of a challenge today than ever before. Our methodology ensures all required business, technical and commercial requirments are driven out, weighted and communicated unequivocally. The evaluation phase incorporates rigorous vendor and product qualification (including serviced open-source offerings), comprehensive evaluation and scoring to identify the best contenders. We follow-up with rigorous and robust commercial negotiation to ensure lowest risk, most effective total-cost of implementation and operation for your organisation. As the business case has been performed in the business transformation stage - we are not pre-disposed to  unnecessarily buying in of systems.

Solutions Implementation

Solutions Implementation ModelHaving found or developed the right application is only part of the solutions delivery equation. It is vital it is implemented correctly to fully realise its potential. Often, this is the phase of a program that suffers neglect most as its seen as simply cramming software on servers, throwing in some data and switching the lights on. The result: half-baked solution that doesn't perform anywhere near expectations, takes years to get right (if ever), while the software is bamed for being unfit for purpose. 
Our experience has been that the software usually has capabilities that far exceed its purpose and the resources allocated to the implementation had been inadequate and missed vital steps necessary to be successful. To combat this, we have developed a methodology that is based on proven and successful implementations spanning large global programs to smaller discrete projects. It adapts to the size and complexity of the program and highlights the risks of cutting corners which usually costs a large order of magnitude more than a well executed implementation.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development MethodologyThe days of developing software for computer illiterate people have largely gone. Today's clients have grown up to be computer savvy and understand the multitude of applications information technology can be applied to. The result is that the methodologies for developing software have progressed from structured/waterfall to rapid/agile. Notwithstanding, there is still a need to understand the business requirements/objectives and the target operating model with which the application will work. From there, the finished product can be "chunked" into its smaller deliverables that can be adeptly delivered in iterative fashion while meeting any new business/regulatory requirements.
Adetpal's bespoke software development rapidly delivers real working applications to meet your business' needs on a multitude of platforms including Windows, Linux, Mainframe and mobile devices (Apple, Android and Wndows). Our software development methodologies have quality built-in leading to robust, fit-for-purpose and optimally automated solutions. We can extend your existing applications (packaged or bespoke) or deliver new applications into your business to give you the edge over your competition.